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I would highly recommend Tanya for any challenge she runs! She is raw, authentic and inspiring and motivates you to change.  I am so much more mindful of how I’m feeding my body mentally as I move towards my best health ever. - Katherine

 Here are just a few things that will happen during the next 5 – Days (and longer when you are in the Vibrant Living Membership):



Why Mindset Matters

Magic Morning Time


Find Time for Joy

End the Cult of Busy


You will be a part of an amazing group of women working towards the same goals that you are 


Tanya Willis, created of The Willis Method, has over 30+ years in the health & fitness field and has helped women drop weight and crush cravings without dieting, quick fixes and tracking calories!

I have done lots of health regimens but I've never had the long lasting results & improved overall fitness. It starts with mindset and Tanya gets you to the right place for that!

Tanya's challenges are TOP NOTCH - Lee, 50's

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