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Service #1 FITNESS

A. Vibrant Living Online Studio, click here

B. Comprehensive Foam Rolling Program, click here

 C. Personal Training on Zoom or In Person, email [email protected] or click here


Service #2 Fasting and Fat Release Reset

Ready to fit into your goal jeans while elevating your health? Let's release fat and build a stronger and healthier mind & body.  My Fasting & Fat Release Reset gives you a proven approach, click here for more information.

Service #3 Menopause Made Easy 

A. Listen to my Menopause Made Easy with Tanya Podcast on Spotify and Apple, click here

B. Menopause Made Easy Starter Kit and weekly here

C. A 3-month step-by-step road map to make your transition from peri-menopause to post menopause here for a free consultation

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These popular individual (and free!) challenges are a great place to start, if you’re not yet ready to join the full Vibrant Living Membership.

5 Hacks to Cut Cravings


Learn 5 hacks that are simple to implement, allow you to keep eating the foods you love whilst avoiding blood sugar spikes thereby keeping your cravings at bay and more.

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Love Your Cravings

Cravings are telling you these messages. This freebie helps you learn & understand what they mean. 


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Beginner's Foam Rolling Guide

Enjoy these moves to ....ahhhhh.. rid yourself of aches and pains and to learn how to use your roller.


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Become a member to get unlimited access to all of my movement + nutrition + mindset classes. It’s the fastest way to feel the full benefits of living a VIBRANT life.


Vibrant Living Silver Membership

$125 / month

Includes a library of pre-recorded classes & access to all of the pre-recorded nutrition information, plus weekly coaching calls!

  • Full access to the Fasting and Fat Release Reset (valued at an additional $142/month for free)
  • Variety of classes - Get Rid of Aches & Pains, Pilates, ABS, Full/Upper/Lower Body, Cardio, Roller/Stretching

  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced movement classes

  • Meal Plans and Recipes

  • Nutrition & Mindset Education

  • Monthly Challenges 

  • Weekly Health Success Coaching Sessions
  • Access to your private Vibrant Living accountability and support group on Facebook

  • Free gift each month for being a valued member
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Vibrant Living VIP Membership


Includes everything in Silver Membership PLUS includes Real Time Live Virtual Classes & One 30 minute private coaching call with Tanya upon registration!! If you need EXTRA movement accountability, this is for you!


  • Weekly Live MOVEMENT Zoom Classes
  • Knowledgeable Recommendations to help you stay on track to increased energy, improved health and less aches & pains

Plus EVERYTHING listed in the Vibrant Living SILVER Membership!

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Enjoy Movement + Nutrition + Mindset support through working with Tanya. Be guided through effective workouts and be part of a community to hold you accountable as you navigate your transformation.

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