“How to Set Goals That Stick:

5 Proven Goal Setting Strategies to

Get What You Want”

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“I seriously can’t believe how this session kickstarted a shift. I am clear about where I want to go. I have let go. I am focused. I love the ritual Tanya presents and it keeps me centered each and every month.” – P.C.

Ladies, set yourself up for success in 2022.


Not only do you get some pretty cool free downloads,

but you also get access to this 60-minute workshop that is going to show you the

biggest mistakes most people make when they

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I’ll even show you the EXACT blueprint I use with our members to ensure they reach their goals!


And… if you’re frustrated from setting the same goal year after year, guess what?

I’m going to show you five incredible strategies to

overcome those challenges and finally put an end to the goal-setting hamster wheel.


There’s just one thing I need from you:  Show. Up. Live.


Seriously. That’s all you have to do!


Get what you want and the confidence to achieve your goals with this proven strategy!


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Determine the outcomes you want

Determine what behaviours will help you achieve your outcome

Set yourself up for success in 2022 when it comes to your health & wellness  

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 Here are just a few things that will happen during our time together.


Determine the outcome you want

Determine what behaviours will help you achieve your outcome

Set yourself up for success in 2021 when it comes to

your health & wellness  


Tanya Willis, creator of The Willis Method and monthly Vibrant Living Membership, has over 30+ years in the health & fitness field and has helped women drop weight and crush cravings without dieting, quick fixes and tracking calories!

“The goal setting session was a nice combination of emotional spiritual energy work and concrete goal setting. Top Notch" - E.B.



“It was a fabulous goal setting session. Brought me to tears, lol, and shocked me, that I did so, so freely. I guess letting go, is what I need.      Thanks for helping me with this journey. Not easy as we get older, but I realize it is never too late.” – K.S

Join the Complimentary Goal Setting Session

My Goal Setting Adventure


You know what I'm talking about, right?

I would make a "goal list."  And as I was making the list, everything seemed within reach (as long as I "buckled down" and followed the plan).

BTW - I have no idea where I thought this magical surge of "discipline" would come from to accomplish everything I had on my list!

I don't know about you, but for me, without fail, "life" would seem to get in the way.

“Tomorrow” would become “on Monday.”  “Monday” would soon become “tomorrow” again.

And before you know it, I'd get discouraged.  

I'd be grumpy.

I definitely wasn't motivated to "do more". 

It felt like I was falling further and further behind where I wanted to be.

Not good.

So a few years ago I had a unique opportunity.

I was introduced to a new approach for setting and ACHIEVING goals that matter.

Of course, things didn't "instantly" change.

But here's what I do know...

Every year since, I've followed this process and my results have gotten better and better. 

And now that our Vibrant Living members are using this same process, they’re reaching their goals more and more consistently and finally checking them off of their list.

And as you'll hear, "discipline" (or lack there of) had little to do with why I wasn't getting results.

It’s not about “will power” either. 

It had EVERYTHING to do with an outdated process.

Here's the takeaway...

Compared to previous years, I have SO much more momentum going into the New Year or any stage throughout the year, because I've set myself up for success of setting up resources and removing my obstacles.

That leads to more confidence, more momentum. 

Which leads to more growth and better results.

It's the circle of awesomeness :)

And each year, it gets better.

And I want that for you.

This Goal Setting Success Session has the potential to change EVERYTHING for you in 2022…so be sure to secure your spot and make it your best year ever!!

Join the Complimentary Goal Setting Session