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Cookie Dough in the Dark can help you release yourself from sugar and food addiction without the fad dieting, pills, and prescription medication.

In this book, I explain what I did to overcome the cravings, not just for myself, but for my clients. It's not about quick fixes; it's about taking baby steps to heal yourself gradually and move forward to a more energetic, confident, and healthier you.

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Menopause Made Easy Method

It's not about eating less & moving more to drop pounds & shrink belly fat.

Our bodies & hormones are changing - we need a new plan

If you are anything like me, you need a plan to get where you want to go.

Without a plansupport, motivation and accountability, you're likely to get lost or not even start your journey.

Without a plan, I feel confused, overwhelmed, frustrated & usually shut down before I get started and that may be you too. 

Without support, I procrastinate, talk myself out of taking action & get frustrated at not being able to motivate myself.

That's why I've dedicated my life to making your life better, especially after the age of 40!


I know it can be a super frustrating time because

1) We don't know how to take charge of hormonal weight gain 

2) We don't know how to lose the meno-pot (belly fat) and what we did in our 20's & 30's is no longer working for us & is actually making it harder to drop pounds & shrink our waist

3) Our emotions & moods are all over the place & we don't know how to calm ourselves so we tend to reach for food or drinks or medications

4) Our sleep is inconsistent, we may be tired but wired, or have night sweats and then we drag ourselves around the next day, reach for carbs and skip our workout

5) We don't know how to set ourselves up for success before or during perimenopause to minimize or avoid weight gain/belly fat, mood swings, brain fog, hot flashes, depression & anxiety during the menopausal adventure and beyond


I'm going to show you what does work during the menopause journey while making it FUN.  


 1) We are going to create a hormonal approach to fat loss which means eating smarter instead of drastically cutting calories.  You will learn what foods to eat to maximize fat loss and what foods to limit or avoid that are causing your belly to increase.  You will not be hungry, your cravings will dissipate and you will have energy throughout your day. Say goodbye to 1-2", 5-10lbs, inflammation, bloating and fatigue!

2) We will create a long-term plan to avoid the pitfalls of short- term dieting.  What you are learning is not a diet - it is your lifestyle and it needs to be sustainable to support the changes in your hormones

3) You will learn to manage your monkey brain - let go of the thoughts that are no longer serving you and learn how to think new thoughts which will produce new habits that are in alignment with your goals



We will all experience different symptoms during this journey, but ONE THING I know for sure, is that when you have a plan and you commit to making simple shifts with your nutrition + movement + mindset, you will experience peace, calm, looser fitting clothes, a decrease in symptoms AND be empowered as to how to move through this time gracefully with love & compassion for yourself.


I know we can feel overwhelmed and confused about what to do, where to start, am I doing the right thing but .......

Rest assured you will feel empowered, calm and centered on this incredible journey.

Will there be some bumps, YOU BET, but you will also know exactly how to navigate those bumps by being supported by me and our wonderful community. 


What you'll get inside menopause made easy:

  • The Menopause Made Easy Starter Kit, so that you have a simple plan to follow. Imagine not having to spend hours goggling what to do and rather put that energy towards knowing what to do!


  • 40+ coaching calls on how to set your mind up for success, simple shifts in your diet that your menopause body is craving and how to balance your movements to support your nervous & metabolic systems


  • INVALUABLE Weekly group coaching calls with Tanya for the support, accountability and motivation you need to build the confidence to take action. You will get on-the-spot help sorting out tricky situations, messy moments and simple shifts to help you move forward. Live every Monday (except holidays) from 11-11:30am.  Replays available and a library of recordings waiting for you now!


  • Access to the Vibrant Living Community that integrates nutrition + movement + mindset coaching and classes in pursuit of living your best menopausal journey. This community will spur on your growth, help you be accountable, and be there to give you the hugs you may need.


  • Free Access to my Beginner's Start Here Lifting Weights Program, it's imperative that you build strength as you age and I make it fun by providing 5 minute videos teaching you how to lift weights. Osteoporosis is real and you can prevent or reduce bone loss by adding weights into your weekly workout routine.


  • Free Access to my 30-Day Added Sugar Detox to help decrease those pesky extra unneeded calories and sneaky carbohydrates that are no longer serving you


  • Free Access to my 10-Day Fat Releasing Body Reset to improve your detox pathways making it easier for you to lose weight and feed your menopausal body what it needs


  • Free Access to my Foam Rolling Programs which will calm your nervous system, decrease cravings and decrease your stress & improve sleep


  • Plus, weekly insights shared in the private Facebook group to help you stay on track in your everyday life


  • Finally, monthly challenges to further empower you on your journey and it makes it FUN.


This is worth $995.00 / month if you add up all the coaching, classes and programs...but for less the cost of working privately with me for 10 sessions


Get Started NOW for $125 per month 

It's time to STOP feeling .....

overwhelmed and confused about what to do, where to start, am I doing the right thing while on this menopausal journey.... 

Join Today so that you can empower yourself with the things that will actually help you to reclaim your waist line and reduce your menopausal symptoms!!


Listen, I know my stuff.

I've been in the health and fitness industry for 30 years helping women live their best lives. 

Plus I walk the talk.

I know what works and I know how to help you get there.

All you need is some education and encouragement to make this next chapter of your life your own!

But I know the hesitation you may feel. Sometimes we have no problem spending money on our kids, pets etc. but when it comes to ourselves we hum and haa. I know that once you step inside you will be relieved to drop the overwhelm and confusion you feel because you will have a plan and support. I know from my members that the simple shifts they make has added up to some pretty amazing changes, they've had fun and it's the one place they come to learn everything they need to instead of endlessly scrolling goggle!  If you join us for this monthly membership and decide it is not for you, it's simple to unsubscribe - no strings attached.

What People Are Saying:

I was skeptical because I didn't want another deprivation diet, but this is WAAAY different. I have never been so empowered to make choices this way. The group coaching calls are AMAZING and I have learned new skills that are long-lasting. Thank you


This is not a diet. This is a way to eat that I have never been taught before. My pants are fitting me better, I'm a happier person and I am sleeping much better.


I've spent hours goggling how to feel more sane during my menopause adventure which left me feeling even more confused and overwhelmed. I love the way Tanya lays everything out and the coaching calls are priceless because you can ask anything and get clarification. Instead of spending my energy wondering if I'm doing the right thing, I know spend my energy in action because I know I'm doing the right thing. Jump in, you won't regret it.