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This is a annual charge for Get Rid of Aches & Pains, Reduce Cellulite & Slim Your Thighs and Waist. You will have access for one year and will renew unless cancelled. 

This program will teach you want you need to do on a consistent basis to achieve those things. Results vary for everyone depending on where you begin and your consistency. Enjoy the journey!!

What Is The Sugar Detox Challenge?


👉 Can you imagine how amazing it would feel

👉to improve your health

👉boost your energy and quality sleep

👉take control of your cravings


Can you imagine shifting away

from sugary, salty simple carbohydrates

WITHOUT depriving yourself or using willpower?

It's possible because I did it and so have my clients,

WITHOUT dieting, counting, depriving

but instead with empowering and getting your mindset on track.

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Get Rid of Aches and Pains, Reduce Cellulite & Slim Your Thighs and Waist


With a consistent practice of the lifestyle habits that I share with you.....


❤️you will feel confident about how to use your roller for every part of your body

❤️you will know exactly how to bring your body back into balance so that it can release the weight it needs to  

❤️you will breath better which supports fat loss 

❤️you will improve your digestion & decrease bloat

❤️you will lose inches & may decrease your weight

❤️you will reduce the symptoms of your menopausal journey 

❤️you will decrease cravings and overeating

❤️you will decrease anxiety and balance your moods 

❤️you will improve your posture 

❤️your organs will improve due to increased blood flow and hydration


✔Learn how to release the symptoms of menopause (and aches & pains)  in every part of your body with how to 5-10 minute videos.


✔Enjoy the 30 minute videos that will help you to start reducing aches and pains, dissolve cellulite and slim your thighs and waist while also relaxing your nervous system & reducing your cravings.


✔Learn how to use your roller to open up your chest, breath properly, decrease anxiety and increase your energy


✔Learn how to properly breath which will help you to decrease cellular toxicity


✔Learn the 9 steps that I incorporate into my daily habits to dissolve cellulite


✔Learn how to increase your mobility & flexibility with the 6-Day Mobility Challenge. Doing these moves will decrease your aches and pains and bring more movement into your joints. 




You will have access to:


❤️Roller Classes including The Basics; Ribs, Core & Balance; Feet & Lower Leg; Quads & Hamstrings; Hips & lower Back; Inner & Outer Thigh; Head, Neck & Shoulder; Chest, Arms & Hands; Additional Classes like Metabolism Booster, Better Sleep Sequence, Vagus Nerve, Waist Slimming Classes, Get Rid/Prevent Humpback etc.


❤️The 6-Day Mobility Challenge with daily actions to follow plus Toes to Head Mobility Class, Shoulder Release Class, Mini Movement Videos and more.


❤️9 Dissolve Your Cellulite Lessons


❤️And a whole lot more at your fingertips to stop your waistline spread, slim your thighs, decrease cravings, reduce anxiety & mood swings...




Move Better, Eat Better, Think Better During your Menopausal Journey

See you on the inside!

Healthy hugs, Tanya


This is an annual purchase with 24-7 access for the year. There is NO roller included. You must purchase a roller (suggestions inside if you don't have one)

You will receive an email to login to the program after payment so that you can enjoy the videos and content.

Due to the significant discount, there are no refunds.  This program is not only going to change your life, the content is valued at $5000

What People Are Saying:

I too thought I had to move more & harder and eat less but that wasn't the case for me. I was skeptical of Tanya's Roller Program for perimenopause & beyond but I trusted her. WOW, I'm so glad I did!! Her videos are amazing, short and easy to follow. I could feel myself relaxing and releasing the tension from my body. Over time, my clothes were looser on my waist and thighs which was exciting. - Bev


I wasn't sleeping, my body hurt, I felt moody and foggy and my clothes were getting tighter and tighter. I DID NOT want to buy new clothes or continue feeling lousy. I took a chance on Tanya's program because I had tried all the diets, the hard works and was feeling so frustrated, I thought, WHY NOT? My experience has been wonderful. I feel empowered knowing how to use the roller properly and love how Tanya breaks the videos into 5 minutes so they are doable (the last thing I need is more stress). I also love taking her longer classes and I can feel the benefits of my breath slowing, my body relaxing and my moods softening. I'm still on the journey with her and my clothes are feeling better. I love all the extras in this program. Thank you - Diane


My waist was expanding, my mood was going down the toilet and I almost resigned myself to thinking this was how it was supposed to be in menopause, until I joined Tanya's program. Tanya teaches simple shifts and just doing 5 minutes. She kept saying, stick with it, consistency matters and I trusted her. I’ve now been rolling with Tanya (and doing all her other classes) for about 10 years now and she is the best. My waist stopped expanding, my moods stabilized, my energy increased and I booked a trip to New Zealand and was able to hike without any pain. I started to ride my bicycle and I’m moving in ways that would not have been possible without her support and guidance. My confidence is growing and I love all the deep insights she provides with the issues in our tissues. Thank you - a happy and healthy 67 year old member!

67 year old lady!

I didn't even know that I was in perimenopause but my body was sending me messages that I didn't know what to do with so I started working with Tanya. Initially I wanted the weight off and my waist line back. I was having a lot of foot pain (that's gone - yeah!!) as well. Like most women I wanted pretty instant results but through learning from Tanya that it is "not a one and done" and "to believe in the process", I embarked on the journey of addressing my symptoms and started the process of rebalancing my body. I TRUSTED the PROCESS and WOW, I feel INCREDIBLE. My body is shrinking, I have more energy, I'm sleeping through the night, I'm calmer and more relaxed. There are soooo many amazing things I could share with you, but the biggest one is to just start, be consistent with Tanya's guidance and trust in the process.