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Can you imagine shifting away

from sugary, salty simple carbohydrates

WITHOUT depriving yourself or using willpower?

It's possible because I did it and so have my clients,

WITHOUT dieting, counting, depriving

but instead with empowering ourselves and getting our mindset on track.


Can you imagine how amazing it would feel

👉to improve your health

👉boost your energy and quality sleep

👉take control of your cravings


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Cookie Dough in the Dark Digital Book

Cookie Dough in the Dark can help you release yourself from sugar and food addiction without the fad dieting, pills, and prescription medication.


In this digital PDF book, I explain what I did to overcome the cravings, not just for myself, but for my clients. It's not about quick fixes; it's about taking baby steps to heal yourself gradually and move forward to a more energetic, confident, and healthier you.




Your book was a Great read! So glad you were able to find the courage to be vulnerable and share your experience with everyone! It will help many of us, I am sure of it! It clarified for me what stage I am in and the direction I need to work on going in my desire to reduce my sugar intake! Also got some tips for sure! Thank you. - Allison

You’ve inspired me to keep going on my journey. I love your openness and vulnerability because we think others have everything together so it’s refreshing to know we are in this journey together. - Sarah

Touching and heart-felt Teaching but not preaching about how to live a healthier life.  I love the recipe section and practical tips. I love how you talk about the mental weight, the heaviness of not being content and how the deeper work needs to be completed as we move forward on our journey - Christina

Packed with useful health information. Inspiring story that prompts you to be aware of what you are putting in your mouth and the underlying emotional issues. - Elaine


Although you had an addiction to food to comfort you, I can see how I use daily distractions like technology, eating too much etc. to avoid the deeper work that I need to do. You’ve taught me to notice my habits and reactions. – Teresa


Move Better, Eat Better, Think Better

See you on the inside!

Healthy hugs, Tanya