Your Virtual Gym with Tanya Willis


Moving your body helps you to feel FANTASTIC but even more importantly is that you will begin to gain better body awareness, increase your strength and stamina, decrease the aches & pains in your bodies, calm your mind, reduce your stress and help to correct muscular imbalances in your body.


That’s a lot of good stuff going on.

Plus it's always great to drop weight, lose fat and gain energy and that's exactly what will happen as you enjoy these video and printout workouts for beginners and intermediate level.

The intent of this program is to help, support, and empower you to connect to your body in meaningful ways. I’ve created 14 - 5 minute videos that will jumpstart you to get in the habit of consistently working out every day without feeling overwhelmed.

These workouts will hit every muscle in your body. They are designed to increase your technique so that you decrease your risk of injury, they will awaken your muscles, strengthen your core and improve your posture.

   Receive these added BONUSES

   5 weeks of workouts
   9 Tips and Strategies for Success
   Measurement Tracker
   7 Day Fat Loss Eating Plan
   7 Day Fat Loss Recipes
​   Keto Meal Plans for 7 Days and Recipes
   8 printable workouts
   23+ work out videos 

$75 plus HST ($84.75) CDN                                        Triceps #1 - one of the many videos you will receive
                                                                                Sculpt, strengthen and slim down your arms with these easy                                                                                                                        moves in just 5 minutes!  


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Slim Down Series includes

This is your Virtual Gym with Tanya Willis and I am so excited to be here as your cheerleader and friend to support you in achieving your goals of dropping weight, losing fat and gaining energy!!

I have been a Personal Trainer, Fitness & Pilates Instructor for over 25 years now and I love helping people TRANSFORM their bodies and lifestyles.

Two common questions I am asked are 1) “How do I get started. I don’t know what to do or how to work out properly.” And 2) I need some excitement in my workouts and I don’t want to think about what to do; what can I do to change up my routine.”

I have put together a variety of very short workouts that are perfect for beginners plus some motivation tips for you to follow to drop weight, lose fat & gain energy!  

9 Tips to drop weight, lose fat and gain energy

5 Upper Body Workouts

5 Lower Body Workouts

4 Bonus Workouts

25 videos including Lose Weight Walking & Inner and Outer Thigh

5 weeks of planned workouts

Support & Motivation

Plus Bonuses:

Keto & days of recipes and meals plans
Measurement Tracker
7 Day Fat Loss Eating Plan
7 Day Fat Loss Recipes

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