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Beginner's  Foam 

Roller Guide

Enjoy these moves to ....ahhhhh.. rid yourself of aches and pains and to learn how to use your roller.

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"When I first starting rolling with Tanya, it hurt. I could not believe how many bumpy spots I had on the front of my legs and calves or the burning sensation that would arise when we rolled the outer thighs. 

Tanya kept saying, this will get better and I trusted her. She told us that she had felt like we do, but I thought, she’s 20 years younger than me, but I kept going and she was right. I’ve now been rolling with Tanya (and doing all her other classes) for about 10 years now and she is the best.

My posture has improved, I was able to hike all through New Zealand without any pain, I ride my bicycle and I’m moving in ways that would not have been possible without her support and guidance. My confidence is growing and I love all the deep insights she provides with the issues in our tissues. Thank you" - a happy and healthy 67 year old member!

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Hi, I'm Tanya, a mum of 2 and founder of The Willis Method & Vibrant Living Membership.

I have over 30+ years' experience in the health & wellness field as a personal trainer, fitness/pilates instructor, pain-free movement specialist and more!!

I help women make peace with their body, reduce their aches and pains, improve their posture and alignment while increasing strength, mobility, energy and vitality!

My dream for you is to be ache and pain free. I’ve transformed my body using the roller for the past 12 years. I am now in my 50’s and so thankful that I added this into my daily routine as I’m reaping many benefits such as increased flexibility, improved postured, a sense of calm and connection to my breath and a body awareness that let’s me know what is out of alignment and how to gently guide it back.


❤️ Decrease aches and pains

❤️ Bring body back into proper alignment

❤️ Connect with your breath

❤️ Calm Nervous System

❤️ Slim your thighs and reduce appearance of cellulite

❤️ Establish a routine to decrease the stress in your body, reduce and help prevent aches and pains, improve your posture and so much more.

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"My lower back was hurting me for weeks and then I did the shin rolling class and honestly, I can't believe it, my back pain was gone. I know you said that our lower legs and feet can affect our lower back. I didn't email you right away, as I thought "how could this fix my back" but it did. You simply are an amazing instructor who's passion is contagious in your classes. Thank you."

What Lee experienced is so common. She was feeling pain in her lower back, so she was focusing on the lower back and forgetting about "cause sites". Getting massages are great but sometimes they don't address the cause site and we might not even know what they are until we find them. Lee found out that one of the cause sites was her shins and feet, and when she rolled them out, her back pain diminished.

For 30 years I have been getting massages monthly. Over the last few years as I started to commit to a daily practice of rolling and fascia release work, I have reduced how many times I need to have a massage (and when I go now it's to be pampered not to release pain). I have found cause sites, like the front of my legs, sternum and feet that have released pain in my back and shoulders.

Committing time each day to roll and connect to your breath is life changing.

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"I have to tell you.... I had a really, really bad shoulder/neck issue for the last couple of days. Yesterday I could barely lift my arm. I started the Roller challenge (which is awesome) and I did the one pain videos for neck and shoulders and tah dah - today I have barely any pain in my neck and shoulder area.  

It's insane how quickly that one roller/miracle ball video helped. I'm going to pick another one tonight for the same area because it's not gone yet, however it's waaaaay better. I loved it!! Thank you so much"

During the years I have helped people:

  • Lose up to 60lbs and maintain it and have developed The Willis Method
  • Improve their daily eating habits to increase energy, decrease mental fog, increase sleep, perform better at work, school and during workouts, recover better after workouts
  • Safely guided women during and after pregnancy to keep up their strength and get their bodies back
  • Relieve back, shoulder and various other pains in their bodies
  • Improve Posture 
  • Incorporate challenging workouts into their existing exercise plan
  • Incorporate Pilates, Fascia release and mindfulness into their workouts
  • Motivated, supported and encouraged peeps to live their healthiest life
  • ....just to name a few
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"I love how Tanya explains everything like when she posted to help us all when I had a question about my shoulder."

>> Some of you ask me about why your shoulder clicks when you do certain arm exercises, like a one arm row.

In a word - ALIGNMENT - you are OUT of alignment.

Because of our daily movements, we most likely have moved the shoulder joint out of alignment  (think rounded shoulders, head forward as just 2 examples) and when you are out of alignment the body adapts at first and

we may not notice the pain or clicks until we do. .

By using rollers, balls and blocks, we can begin to realign the body and reduce the pain.  

As you continue to roll and move your body back into proper positioning and increase the awareness of your posture, the clicking sounds will disappear.

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