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Start seeing results like this!

Nancy can to me in PAIN!!

Her feet, knees and shoulders hurt. We did the get Rid of Aches and Pains videos and now she moves freely.

She is stronger, more flexible and has lost weight and inches due to the classes she takes and the mindset shifts she has had.

Start seeing results like this! Nancy can to me in PAIN!!  Her feet, knees and shoulders hurt. We did the get Rid of Aches and Pains videos and now she moves freely.  She is stronger, more flexible and has lost weight and inches due to the classes she takes and the mindset shifts she has had.



❤️Complete 24-7 access to my Vibrant Living Studio which includes movement + nutrition + mindset and so much more at your fingertips

❤️Access to Get Rid of Aches and Pains Program

❤️Access to Beginner's Program

❤️Access to Foam Roller Challenge

❤️Access to 10 Day Fat Releasing Body Reset

❤️Access to 100's of videos for every inch of your body with fitness classes prepared for you each month

❤️Access to weekly group coaching calls to keep you inspired and ask questions

❤️Private Facebook Group for Support and Motivation

❤️And a whole lot more at your fingertips...


For a limited time

Receive the Protein - Packed Breakfast Recipes and the Mobility Guide as a BONUS



I love that I don't have to think about what to do. I just follow you & love all the amazing options you give for different fitness levels. - Teresa, 40's


Your Weekly Health Success Sessions have transformed my mindset and I'm reaching goals I never thought were possible without feeling like I'm lost and confused. Tanya definitely knows how to teach us to break things down into simple steps that are achievable, thank you." - Carole, 50's 

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Hi, I'm Tanya, a mum of 2 and founder of The Willis Method & Vibrant Living Membership.

I have over 30+ years' experience in the health & wellness field as a personal trainer, fitness/pilates instructor, pain-free movement specialist and more!!

I help women make peace with their body, reduce their aches and pains, improve their posture and alignment while increasing strength, mobility, energy and vitality!

My dream for you is to be ache and pain free. I’ve transformed my body using the roller for the past 12 years. I am now in my 50’s and so thankful that I added this into my daily routine as I’m reaping many benefits such as increased flexibility, improved postured, a sense of calm and connection to my breath and a body awareness that let’s me know what is out of alignment and how to gently guide it back.

What Is Vibrant Living Studio?


👉 It's 24-7 online access to movement + nutrition + mindset


👉 Imagine a Personal Trainer, Fitness & Pilates Instructor, Foam Rolling Fascia Release GURU, Nutrition Coach, Behaviour Changes Specialist, Pain Free Movement Specialist (with 30 years experience) and a mum, who overcame a sugar addition, and wrote Cookie Dough in the Dark, at your fingertips!! 


“I’ve been working with Tanya at Vibrant Living since April 2021 and I am transforming my health in a fun way! 

Each month I get a whole month of fitness classes to do, plus mindset coaching and a challenge to follow which keeps me motivated.

The support and accountability are fantastic and I have discovered so much about myself that I thought I knew but didn't. I've learned invaluable skills that I have never been taught elsewhere about how to set intentions and change my habits with self-compassion.

I feel so much better inside and out and all my friends comment on my healthy glow.

I’m in for the long game! Thanks Tanya” - Louise



Imagine With One Click Getting Movement + Nutrition + Mindset

At Your Fingertips! 


 ⭐️Move, Eat & Live Better

⭐️Improve your Strength, Flexibility & Posture

⭐️Increase your Energy

⭐️Decrease Pain & Inflammation

 ⭐️Sleep better

⭐️Weekly Health Success Coaching Sessions to address any movement, nutrition or mindset questions that you may have


Your Membership Will Support You With Better ...



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Each month you get access to a variety of new classes to choose from PLUS all of the pre-recorded classes

Choose from Full Body, Upper/Lower Body, ABS, Pilates, Roller/Miracle Ball, Stretching, Fascia Release Classes, Cardio/HIIT etc.

Want to sweat, unwind, stretch, roll, whatever it is, there are beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for YOU

Plus you have access 24-7 to 

❤️Access to Get Rid of Aches and Pains Program

❤️Access to Beginner's Program

❤️Access to Foam Roller Challenge

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Properly fueling your mind and body with the right nutrition will

1) increase your energy

2) decrease your aches & pain

3) improve your sleep

4) decrease your stress

There will be NO dieting or Quick Fixes. You will learn simple shifts for long lasting results that I've been using with my clients for the past 30 years. 

Your Membership includes weekly group coaching with me and gets access to all of the pre-recorded nutrition information.

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Our thoughts and beliefs determine the actions that we take.

We are what we think about.

Learn my "simple shifts" technique  to change the beliefs that are no longer serving you and that are keeping you stuck.

Your Membership includes weekly group coaching with me and gets access to all of the pre-recorded mindset information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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"When I first starting rolling with Tanya, it hurt. I could not believe how many bumpy spots I had on the front of my legs and calves or the burning sensation that would arise when we rolled the outer thighs. 

Tanya kept saying, this will get better and I trusted her. She told us that she had felt like we do, but I thought, she’s 20 years younger than me, but I kept going and she was right. I’ve now been rolling with Tanya (and doing all her other classes) for about 10 years now and she is the best.

My posture has improved, I was able to hike all through New Zealand without any pain, I ride my bicycle and I’m moving in ways that would not have been possible without her support and guidance. My confidence is growing and I love all the deep insights she provides with the issues in our tissues. Thank you" - a happy and healthy 67 year old member!


❤️ Decrease aches and pains and bring your body back into proper alignment

❤️ A variety of classes to move your body in all the ways that it wants to move

❤️ Comfort knowing you have 5-minute instructional workout videos to move with proper form

❤️ Decrease stress & anxiety by learning how to connect with your breath and do gentle movement

❤️ Slim your thighs and reduce appearance of cellulite

❤️ Establish healthy mindset & nutrition habits that will serve you LONG-TERM

❤️ Knowledge from a real women who shares her struggles openly with you

Join us NOW
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I have done lots of exercise regimens but I've never had the long lasting results & improved overall fitness.

Tanya knows how to combine the movement, nutrition and mindset so that you have fun and reach your goals.

Tanya's classes are TOP NOTCH - Lee, 50's

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"I have to tell you.... I had a really, really bad shoulder/neck issue for the last couple of days. Yesterday I could barely lift my arm. I started the Roller challenge (which is awesome) and I did the one pain videos for neck and shoulders and tah dah - today I have barely any pain in my neck and shoulder area.  

It's insane how quickly that one roller/miracle ball video helped. I'm going to pick another one tonight for the same area because it's not gone yet, however it's waaaaay better. I loved it!! Thank you so much"

During the years I have helped people:

⭐️Lose up to 60lbs and maintain it and have developed The Willis Method and Vibrant Living 

⭐️Improve their daily eating habits to increase energy, decrease mental fog, increase sleep, perform better at work, school and during workouts, recover better after workouts

⭐️Safely guided women during and after pregnancy to keep up their strength and get their bodies back

⭐️Relieve back, shoulder and various other pains in their bodies

⭐️Improve Posture, connection to Breath and reduces stress & anxiety

⭐️Incorporate challenging workouts into their existing exercise plan

⭐️Incorporate Pilates, Fascia release and mindfulness into their workouts

⭐️Motivated, supported and encouraged peeps to live their healthiest life

⭐️....just to name a few

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"I love how Tanya explains everything like when she posted to help us all when I had a question about my shoulder."

>> Some of you ask me about why your shoulder clicks when you do certain arm exercises, like a one arm row.

In a word - ALIGNMENT - you are OUT of alignment.

Because of our daily movements, we most likely have moved the shoulder joint out of alignment  (think rounded shoulders, head forward as just 2 examples) and when you are out of alignment the body adapts at first and

we may not notice the pain or clicks until we do. .

By using rollers, balls and blocks, we can begin to realign the body and reduce the pain.  

As you continue to roll and move your body back into proper positioning and increase the awareness of your posture, the clicking sounds will disappear.

Vibrant Living is for YOU

It's your one-stop for

movement + nutrition + mindset


Join Vibrant Living & Get Your Free Copy of Protein-Packed Breakfast Recipes 


Eating a protein-rich breakfast can help get your day started right


A Protein-Packed Breakfast:

  • Helps your body repair and build muscle,
  • Releases hormones that keep you feeling full,
  • Improves blood sugar control for hours,
  • Boosts calorie burn, and
  • Can help cut back on 3pm and nighttime snack cravings!


---> Maybe even most importantly, it's powerful for your MINDSET.


Starting your day with a healthy meal can send a strong message to yourself about being proactive and taking positive actions toward your health and wellness.

Some of the deliciousness you’ll find inside:


  • Simple, make-ahead breakfasts,
  • Fast & easy choices
  • Delicious smoothie recipes
  • Plant-based options
  • Grab & go meals
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Join Vibrant Living & Get Your Free Copy of The Mobility Challenge 

Fact: Your mobility starts to take a nosedive at the age of 30.


Maybe you’ve already noticed a few more aches and pains when you stand up ...


that dropping into a full-depth squat is a lot harder than it used to be …


it’s harder to turn your head from side to side …


or you can’t straighten your arms overhead as easily as you used to.


All of that is linked with your mobility.


The bad news is that almost everything in our daily lives works AGAINST mobility – sitting at work, being on our phones, driving, etc.


But here’s the really good news: There are specific things you can do to improve your mobility … and you can start to feel them work almost immediately.


This Mobility Challenge is specifically designed to help you:


  • Become more supple and limber
  • Suffer from fewer aches and pains
  • Prevent injuries
  • Perform better during your workouts, sports, and in your day-to-day life
  • Keep you moving pain-free as you get older


This challenge will help restore your body’s natural movement “flow.”


It works your body from the ground up in just a few minutes every day. It’s crazy how fast it works … it’ll feel like night and day!


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Vibrant Living is for YOU

It's your one-stop for

movement + nutrition + mindset

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I have been exercising on my own but do not feel it the same afterwards.

It's a much better workout with you ! - Kathleen, 70's


"I feel way more in control of my life now that I understand about impulse control and how the mind works when it comes to making decisions.

Tanya is a wealth of knowledge." - Karen

Imagine not having to think about what to do during your workout 🤔

Want an easy ✅

Want a sweaty ✅

Want ✅ ✅ ✅...weights ✅

Had a stressful day and need to ✅

Your workouts are ONE click away! 

Imagine not having to think about if you are eating to support your longevity 🤔

Want clarity on understanding how nutrition supports

your 🔥

your 🔥

your 🔥

Sit back and enjoy nutrition lessons, recipes, meal plans, just ONE click away!

Imagine not spending another year going around & around in circles feeling frustrated and lost 🤔

Want clarity on understanding how your mind works when it comes to

setting 🔥

wiring your brain for 🔥

achieving your 🔥

Sit back and enjoy the mindset lessons and session, just ONE click away!

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Vibrant Living is for YOU

It's your one-stop for

movement + nutrition + mindset


VIP Access

If you want to join me LIVE for the classes I teach, then click below and join us.

You get everything you read about above, plus me LIVE for 8-14 classes per month.

Yes, I want VIP Access to Vibrant Living Online Studio

I have hip and knee issues but Tanya shows us different options for each exercise. I feel very safe with her. I'm stronger and moving with less pain. - Wendy 60's

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