30-Day Added Sugar Detox Challenge


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❤️The Sugar Detox Challenge Guide loaded with tips and tricks to prepare yourself for the 5 days of reduced added sugar intake (see FAQ's)

❤️What’s included:

  • Sugar Detox Success Guide filled with tips & tricks to help you stay on track
  • Success Worksheets to keep you accountable
  • 5-Day Sugar-Free Challenge Meal Plan and Recipes
  • What’s the problem with sugar?
  • What to do When you Feel a Craving
  • Top 10 Ways to Break your Sugar Addiction
  • Your Sugar Alternatives Guide
  • Avoiding the Afternoon Slump Snack Ideas
  • How to Avoid Sugar at Night
  • Avoiding Sugar in the Real World
  • Three Sugar Free Breakfasts

❤️Daily Emails for Support and Guidance

❤️Receive support and accountability from me, a former sugar addict, in my private Facebook group

❤️And a whole lot more at your fingertips...


What Is The Added Sugar Detox Challenge?


👉 Can you imagine how amazing it would feel

👉to improve your health

👉boost your energy and quality sleep

👉take control of your cravings


Can you imagine shifting away

from sugary, salty simple carbohydrates

WITHOUT depriving yourself or using willpower?

It's possible because I did it and so have my clients,

WITHOUT dieting, counting, depriving

but instead with empowering and getting your mindset on track.

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During these 30 days, you will spend time preparing yourself and your environment for success

✔ Use your Sugar Detox Guide filled with tips & tricks to help you stay on track.

✔ Receive support and accountability from me, a former sugar addict

✔ Receive daily emails for further support

✔ If you choose, you can upgrade and have full access to the Vibrant Living Membership and one group coaching call. You will have access to movement + nutrition + mindset information, click here for that option and the 30-Day Sugar Detox will be included in the Silver Membership option when you join. 

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You will gradually learn how to shift away from sugar and reduce your sugar intake from added sugar sources

✔ Learn what to do when you have cravings instead of eating them

✔ Learn what method of sugar-reduction works for you

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At the end of the 30 days you will...

✔ Feel confident about how to deal with cravings

✔ Begin to balance your blood sugars and hormones

✔ Know how your brain is sabotaging you

✔ Improve your mood and energy

✔ Maybe even drop a few pounds or inches and at the very least, detox your fat cells!

✔ Decrease your stress levels


PREP - First 5 days

So often we skip over the most important part of the journey and that includes taking the time to prepare yourself mentally and to get your surroundings set up for SUCCESS.

At the end of your PREP time you will>>

  • Know how to have your kitchen and environment set up for success for your 5 days of going without any foods that have added sugars
  • Be aware of your triggers so that you can set yourself up for success for the next 5 days and beyond
  • Know what to shop for and what sugars are currently in your house that you can start to replace


ACTION TIME - Next 5 Days

It's time for ACTION!!!

With the 5-Day Sugar Free Meal Plan, you will have new recipes and substitutes to ensure that you are staying away from those added sugars in your diet.

Your daily emails will provide you with support and strategies to help you move through these days.

At the end of these 5 days you will>>

  • Celebrate your 5 days of no added sugar to your diet 
  • Feel lighter, sleep better, have more energy, reduce your cravings
  • Become aware of your triggers and mindless munching


Living LIFE - Next 20 Days

Making this a HABIT and carry on with enjoying your life without all the added sugars

During these next 20 days, you will

  • Dig into your mindset and set yourself up for long-term success
  • Learn about the sugar substitutes I used to improve my diet
  • Do a deeper dive into stress, emotional eating and cravings so that you have long-term strategies to help you move through life with ease
  • Know what to do when you feel resistance
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Hi, I'm Tanya, a mum of 2 and founder of The Willis Method & Vibrant Living Membership.

I have over 30+ years' experience in the health & wellness field as a personal trainer, fitness/Pilates/roller instructor, PNL1 Nutrition Coach, Behaviour Change Specialist, Pain-free Movement Specialist and more!!


I wrote Cookie Dough in the Dark which is all about emotional eating and cravings and not to broccoli and carrots!! I have FIRST HAND experience with INSANE and OUT OF CONTROL sugar cravings.


I help women crush their cravings, overcome emotional/stress/boredom eating and make peace with their body. In the process they move better, eat better, think better, sleep better and feel better.


They increase their energy and vitality.


My dream for you is to NOT be controlled by sugar and your cravings anymore. And let's be clear, sugar includes chips, popcorn, cakes, cookies, pop, soda, juice, alcohol, bread, pasta, anything white and fluffy and can be coated with salt!


I’ve transformed my life and I thought that would never be possible.

I used to struggle, deprive myself of the foods I love,

punished myself with exercise to burn off the calories.

I did not know how to deal with cravings.

I was moody.

I was exhausted.

I was deflated.

I was envious that others seem to look just right without any effort.

I had 2 babies and couldn’t lose the muffin top.

I had no energy.

I was thinking, “what the hell is the matter with me?”

I was stuck in a food and exercise trap.

I wanted a quick fix.

I got smarter.

I stopped pushing.

I moved away from being a dieter and hoping that “doing 'this or that” would be “the” answer.

I moved towards realizing that food is not a reward and exercise is not punishment.

I realized that I was struggling because I did not know another way to deal with life besides

over-eating and over-exercising.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I have added so many of your suggestions to my daily routines!!! 

Within a week and a half it's crazy how much better I feel already!!! Just the mindset alone!!!! The tiny tiny steps and changes are what's making the difference! U r sooooo right!!!!! - Lori


I feel privileged to be impacted by your journey and the wisdoms that you are sharing.  - Bernie


Practical, sound advice from someone who understands food addiction and the steps needed to heal, body and mind. - Christina




✔This is NOT A DIET or a quick fix

✔Learn how to set yourself up for SUCCESS and build a strong foundation to support you through all of your cravings

✔ Learn what to do when you have cravings instead of eating them

✔ Learn what method of sugar-reduction works for you


✔ At the end of the 30 days you will...

✔ Feel confident about how to deal with cravings

✔ Begin to balance your blood sugars and hormones

✔ Know how your brain is sabotaging you

✔ Improve your mood and energy

✔ Maybe even drop a few pounds or inches and at the very least, detoxed your fat cells!

✔ Decrease your stress levels

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I would highly recommend Tanya and her programs and membership to anyone who has ever struggled with any type of emotional eating. Tanya’s story about her journey as a sugar addict is raw, authentic and inspiring. She pours her heart and soul into helping women reduce their sugar intake without deprivation. She teaches amazing simple shifts that I have used with success. Also, her book is full of tips on how to stop beating ourselves up for what we eat and to shift away from guilt and shame and move towards self love and acceptance. After being a part of her programs and reading her book I am so much more mindful of how I’m feeding my body as I move towards my best health ever.

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I have learned so much from Tanya that I never even realized. I thought I had to use willpower, track calories, deprive myself and I don't. Tanya taught me how to not eat my feelings and how to handle my sugar cravings. Plus, I didn't think I had a sugar problem because I was eating chips but it's still sugar. I was heading towards being a diabetic but now know how to balance my blood sugars and not deprive myself. Thank you for freeing me!"

During the years I have helped people:

  • Crush their food cravings
  • Reduce and eliminate emotional/stress/boredom eating
  • Shared strategies for long-term success not quick fixes
  • Lose up to 60lbs and maintain it and have developed The Willis Method
  • Improve their daily eating habits to increase energy, decrease mental fog, increase sleep, perform better at work, school and during workouts, recover better after workouts
  • Safely guided women during and after pregnancy to keep up their strength and get their bodies back
  • Relieve back, shoulder and various other pains in their bodies
  • Improve Posture 
  • Incorporate challenging workouts into their existing exercise plan
  • Incorporate Pilates, Fascia release and mindfulness into their workouts
  • Motivated, supported and encouraged peeps to live their healthiest life
  • ....just to name a few
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"It's so much more than food and Tanya does not hold back in telling you like it is. I was not aware of how controlled I was by my blood sugar levels and impulses, but now I am and instead of using willpower, I use the tips Tanya taught me and it so effortless."

30-Day Added Sugar Detox Challenge

Eat Better, Move Better,

Sleep Better, Think Better

without the added sugar

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