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immunity supplements Oct 25, 2020

Tis the season for colds and flus. Seriously, who has time to be sick?


I used to be sick ALL THE TIME. It was draining. Especially after having kids!!!!


But I changed my habits because I was tired of dragging my feet, feeling congested or having my nose constantly dripping. Also, I’d had enough of the burning sensation in my lungs from constantly coughing.


I needed my health and energy to look after my kids and hubby. Plus, I wanted healthy kids (and hubby!!!), because life just flows better when we are all healthy.


To keep my family happy and healthy, prevention is key. Check out the simple shifts below that you can take to prevent you and your family from getting sick.


What’s gotta go?


1. Yup, we didn’t get rid of it completely but we cut way back on unrefined sugar.


Here are 5 simple ways to cut back on your daily sugar intake


  • Eliminate juice or any flavoured drinks

  • Eliminate cereals with added sugars

  • Eliminate products containing any artificial sweeteners

  • Eliminate sugar added flavoured yogurt

  • Eliminate processed unrefined carbohydrates


2. Some people may have to cut out dairy. If I noticed any congestion starting, I would cut it out until it was gone (there is a long story that goes with the – but family resistance is the short version)


3. You may have to cut out gluten as this can also promote inflammation. Just please don’t buy all the gluten free products that are nutritionally devoid of nutrients. A gluten free cupcake is still a cupcake.


What we added in.......


Relaxation time.

Sometimes, you just need to kick off your shoes and relax, nap, sleep and allow time for your body to heal before you are forced to rest.

We have a disease of busyness and it’s negatively affecting our health.

I love relaxing on my Miracle Balls!!!  And my roller, pick up your Beginner's Foam Rolling Guide here


Support your body with supplements, especially with....


Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ because it’s just vegetables and fruits in a capsule or chewable and it’s an easy way to help get the minimum 13 servings we need every day. It has been clinically proven to support your immune system, decrease inflammation and maintain healthy DNA. 

Bridge the gap between the ideal diet and reality with Juice Plus+, the only supplement to have clinical research, with several studies showing significantly improved immune function in subjects taking Juice Plus+ capsules versus placebo (1) (2) (3).  There was also a study done at the largest hospital in Europe during cold and flu season which showed that eating  Juice Plus+ was associated with a 20% reduction of moderate or severe common cold symptom days.
Consider purchasing these now so you have them on hand if or when you need them.  
You can take preventive low doses daily or you can take the full dose of each at the first sign of illness or if you have been in close contact with a sick person.


Elderberry by Sky Nutritionals

Elderberry by Sky Nutritionals - Elderberry is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immune system. They could help tame inflammation, lessen stress, and help protect your heart, too. Helps prevent and ease cold and flu symptoms.



Probiotics which help to repopulate healthy bacteria in your gut. For complete supplement list and any updates, click here


Vitamin D3 with K2

Vitamin D3, because where we live the winter days are very short on sun and D3 helps to promote a healthy immune system. I recommend 4000-5000IU per day and half that amount for kids. Probably the #1 thing you can do is to get your vitamin D levels up. People who have optimal (100 - 170) D levels rarely get sick, and they don’t get cancer, either! Hundreds of studies link optimal vitamin D levels to low disease risk (including infectious disease). Get in the sun as often as you can. But also consider a high-quality supplement, and take 5,000 to 10,000 IU while we get through cold and flu season! FYI,  Vitamin K is needed in your diet as D3 is only absorbed if the body has enough vitamin K2. For complete supplement list and any updates, click here


Vitamin C - preferable Camu Camu

Vitamin C - Avoid ascorbic acid as it's garbage! It's made of corn syrup derived with hydrochloric acid! Instead add real lemon/lime juice to your water or take Juice Plus+ which is just food and loaded with all of your vitamins in a form your body recognizes and absorbs (FOOD)


Zinc -  Your immune system needs zinc. 95% of Americans are deficient. Zinc is a catalyst for literally hundreds of transactions in the body, especially the immune system. You may want to take it daily, until summer or beyond. Adding pumpkin seeds to your snacks, salads and smoothies is a great way to get additional zinc. 


NAC and Biotin

NAC and Biotin – taken together it helps to relieve the symptoms of chronic bronchitis (which I had for decades and didn’t know about this)




Collagen – your gut is the core of your health and an amazing 70% of your immune system lives here. Best Collagen I've tried to date


Throat Spray


This amazing spray, click here to spray and boost immunity. 


Oil of Oregano


Oil of Oregano on the bottom of my feet or if you can handle it, a few drops in your mouth followed by water. 


Boosting your immune system is the key to keeping yourself and your family healthy this time of year. With so many viruses going around, from colds, to the flu, to the Coronavirus, we are all looking for a little extra protection.

All the hype about the flu and Coronavirus in particular have many of us afraid. With the right tools, you can set yourself up for success by boosting your immune system. 

Here are some of my top tips you can start doing IMMEDIATELY to help you avoid getting sick by boosting your immune system:


Get enough rest: a stressed-out, tired body is more susceptible to invaders.


Have a high-quality essential oil with you to spray down high-touch areas like door knobs, keyboards, phones, and public areas.


Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.


Avoid touching your face.


Stay hydrated.


Keep your immunity oils nearby. My favorites are OnGuard, Copaiba, Oregano, Frankincense, Lemon, Melaleuca, Breathe, and many others!


Support your body with supplements, see the list above!!


Soak in an Epsom salt bath with healing oils like Copaiba, Serenity, and Lemongrass.


Drink bone broth for some incredible nutrition that supports your whole body. ​​ 

If something slips past your defenses and you end up getting sick..... 


Here are my top tips that apply to ANY sickness to help you recover quickly:


1.   Stay home and REST. Read a book. Drink tea. Sleep.  Get well!

2.   Drink plenty of fluids.

3.   Breathe easier by making a t-shirt tent and breathing in hot water steam boosted with 4 drops of peppermint oil, 2 drops Lemon and 1 drop Oregano.

4.   Soak in a hot tub for 20 minutes with 1/2 cup Epsom salts and 6 drops Lavender, 5 drops Melaleuca and 5 drops Frankincense.

5.   Up your immune boosting supplements - see above for list

6.   Use a Peppermint and Lavender spray to cool you down if you have a fever.

Let me know if you need any help with supplements, immune boosting or essential oils as quality matters!!


Immune Building Tea Recipe

 2 cups water

1 inch piece ginger, chopped

1 garlic clove, chopped

¼ tsp turmeric powder or 1 inch piece turmeric root, chopped

A dash of cayenne

Juice from 1 lemon

1 tablespoon local honey (optional)


In a sauce pan, bring all (except lemon and honey) to a rolling boil and then simmer for 5-10 minutes. Add lemon and honey and drink warm.


GARLIC – Ancient and time tested, very effective remedy – anti-microbial and anti-fungal – it helps to break up mucus build up in the lungs. Garlic, along with its milder cousin, onion, has been indicated to actually slow the aging process, slow oxidative damage and boost the immune system.


GINGER – This herb has an affinity for the digestive tract, gets blood moving toward the gut to aid in the act of digestion and therefore, elimination.


TURMERIC – A potent anti-inflammatory herb. Scientifically proven and widely studied, this herb reduces inflammation at every single level. It's best absorbed tossed with black pepper.


What is your favorite way to build your immunity and prevent being sick? Which of these tips resonated with you the most?


Our bodies are designed to resist infection through our health defense systems.

What you choose to eat can help boost these defenses and prime yourself against infection. Now more than ever, it is time to plan to eat to beat colds, flu and disease. 


Healthy hugs all year long,




Yes, I want to Crush My Sugar Cravings



I’m a wife and mum, personal trainer, fitness/pilates instructor, Behaviour Change Specialist, Nutrition Coach, Pain-Free Movement Specialist, author of Cookie Dough in the Dark, creator of Vibrant Living Membership - your ONE STOP shop for movement + nutrition + mindset..... among many other things!!  I’ve had many issues dealing with the scale going up and down, a muffin top that wouldn’t disappear, emotional eating binges that did not involve carrots and struggling with insecurity! Through all of this I just wanted to feel normal. I wanted to be happy like everyone else!

In my teens and 20’s I wanted the quick fixes, the magic pills, the fairy dust – whatever I could get my hands on to make me a lean, happy and sexy machine. Yup, found out it doesn’t exist. I wanted to cry!! I was so frustrated. I felt like I was going around and around until I was completely exhausted and back at the starting point. And when I talk with other women they feel that way too. So, I delved further into holistic health – the emotional, mental and physical – wrote a book, and have been in this field for many years helping 1000’s of women.

I discovered that by being smarter, not working harder, I could get the results I wanted and also for my clients. It started with some really small shifts that I will share with you over time. With this new knowledge, I felt ALIVE, VIBRANT and COMFORTABLE in my own skin. And my clients felt this way too!

My mission is to continue to help women step into the body they WANT. To feel confident & sexy, in control of their food choices and have their clothes fit just as they should while having the energy to live a VIBRANT life.


Ready to elevate your health? As a certified Behaviour Change & Nutrition Coach, I'd be happy to chat with you. Contact me at [email protected].

Healthy hugs,


I look forward to seeing you inside the 5 day stronger to the core challenge

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