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brain eyes joint juice plus+ omegas plant based Oct 06, 2020

For years I went in and out of taking fish oil but it just never sat right with me.

Whether is was the fishy after burbs or knowing that our fish population is in dire needs (or pumped up on plastics – read more here , I just stopped and waited for a better alternative.


I knew we always needed Omega 3’s because our bodies DO NOT produce them, but what I’ve also learned is that we need a balance of omegas which is not present in a fish oil!!

Did you know that about 95% of us aren’t getting enough Omega 3’s in our diets?


All fat is not created equal!  Omega 3’s are on the front line of defense against inflammation – which as you may have heard, is at the root of nearly every disease.

So what makes omega-3 fats special? Studies show Omega 3’s can:


  • Boost your immune system

  • Improve mood and prevent depression

  • Help lower blood pressure, cholesterol and plaque buildup in the arteries which can help prevent against heart attack and/or stroke

  • Reduce your risk for cancer

  • Help with concentration and learning

  • Improve the quality and health of your skin

  • Help prevent diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar levels

  • Reduce muscle, bone and joint pain


In other words, your body needs these healthy fats to function properly!


Here’s the catch….your because body isn’t capable of producing them on its own.  This means you MUST consume them as a part of your regular diet.


In Dr. Tamara Sachs recent blog, Why I no longer recommend taking fish oil, I learned a lot more about omega and I have quoted her below….


While Omega 3s get most of the attention, Omegas 5, 6, 7 and 9 are just as important – they are found in healthy foods like coconut oil, salmon, almonds, eggs, fruits, whole grains, seeds, avocados, olive oil and macadamia nuts.


Take Omega 5s, for example. Omega 5s are believed to be some of the most powerful antioxidants known to modern science. They decrease inflammation and increase the elasticity of your arteries. Pomegranate oil is an amazing source of Omega 5s and is also believed to be the only known plant-based source for CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid).


The Omega 6s found in plants are also known to decrease inflammation. Raspberry seed oil contains abundant amounts Omega 6s (linoleic acid) and has been shown to be moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and provide antioxidant benefits for skin. Furthermore, raspberry seed oil improves skin elasticity, softens and smooths wrinkles and fine lines, and can even help with acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Sea buckthorn oil and avocados are great sources of Omega 7 (palmitoleic acid). Omega 7s are little known, but are great for your skin, hair and nails. They also benefit the mucous membranes in the body – including the gastric mucous membranes (the lining of your stomach and more). They can support a number of chronic dryness related disorders like dry eyes, dry mouth and vaginal dryness.


Omega 9 fats, like those found in olive oil and salmon, benefit the heart, brain and overall well-being. They may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, and can help to increase energy and decrease anger. And who wouldn’t want that?


You can see why a simple Omega 3 supplement just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. So, as a result of all of the microplastic in fish oil – and because of its lack of Omegas 5, 6, 7 and 9, I have changed my recommendations for Omega supplements.


Dr. Sachs now recommend that all of her patients, friends and family switch to a plant-based alternative called Omega Blend by Juice Plus+, made from organic, non-GMO algae and cold-pressed oils from five seeds and berries — pomegranate seeds, sea buckthorn berries, raspberry seeds, tomato seeds and safflower seeds — in which omega fatty acids naturally occur.


I never used to be a supplement person but times have changed. Our food & daily diets are not what they once were, so we need extra protection. I know that my family and I were not consuming enough Omegas daily to support optimal health.


Plus, with all the recent reports on diabetes 3 (Alzheimer’s Disease), I wanted to do what we could to prevent this from happening to us.


Proper Supplementation can also help to lower cholesterol, balance hormones, improve joint health and function, reduce inflammation, improve cognition and memory, improve eye health and give you clear and glowing skin.   


As you all know....

  • Your brain is about 60% fat, so it needs fat to function properly which includes improved memory, reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease as well as vascular dementia.
  • Your vision is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids
  • Your heart, when given omega's, helps to regulate the heartbeat, reduces blood pressure and overall inflammation. When you reduce inflammation you reduce your chance of osteoarthritis, joint pain and inflammatory bowel disease.

Are you ready to make a small shift to a plant based Omega that is essential for the health of your brain, eyes and cardiovascular system? 

If so, let me know and I'd be happy to assist you!!  Small shifts add up.


Each capsule of Omega Blend contains a broad array of omega fatty acids – Omega 3s (both EPA and DHA) as well as the beneficial Omegas 5, 6, 7 and 9 – not found in most other omega supplements.


In addition to containing a variety of Omegas, the Omega Blend is gluten-free, 100% non-GMO, contains no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or added starch and is NSF-certified and kosher (NSF is an independent lab that tests products for purity and potency.)


The oils are encapsulated in a vegetarian capsule made from tapioca. Using a new, state-of-the-art encapsulation process that uses no heat, the two halves of each capsule are fused together. The typical fish oil capsule is heat sealed, and that can heat the oils and turn them rancid. There is no risk of damage to these delicate oils with this new and unique technology, using vegan tapioca as the capsule. In fact, the oils and the capsule are both so tasty, you can chew them, then swallow the pleasant-tasting oils and spit out the shell of tapioca, if you prefer.


Most of you know how much I value Juice Plus+ Orchard, Garden and Vineyard Blends — whole food concentrates in a capsule. The Juice Plus+ Company is dedicated to quality and scientific research, and always provides the peace of mind of NSF certification, meaning that all products are independently verified to be free of all contaminants.


I hope you’ll consider switching your fish oil supplement to the Juice Plus+ Omega Blend. I love that they have “cut out the middle fish” and taken the Omega 3s from the original algal source that the fish eat, rather than taking them from the contaminated fish. This assures us of a much more pure, sustainable source of Omega 3s. Adding that to the family of Omegas from other superfoods creates a balanced Omega supplement that would benefit all.


Please click here to order your Omega Blend, or contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.


Q: What is the Juice Plus+ Omegas Blend?
A: The Juice Plus+ Omega blend is a 100% plant-based omega capsule product made from a naturally balanced blend of omega 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids. The Omega Blend is the perfect complement to the Juice Plus+ Orchard, Garden, and Vineyard Blends, working together to bridge the nutritional gaps between what you should eat and what you actually eat while helping fuel a healthy lifestyle.


Q: Why Do You Use Algal Oil Rather than Fish Oil, Like Many Other Omega 3 Products?
A:  Many people don’t know that fish actually get their omega 3’s from algae. By harvesting omegas from the original algae source instead of fish, we’ve ensured the Omega Blend delivers a pure and sustainable source of omegas, including the all-important DHA and EPA omega fatty acids. We like to say that we’re just cutting out the middle fish and going to the original plant source.


Q: Why Does the Omega Blend Contain Omegas 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9?
A: We believe in providing whole food nutrition, in nature’s proportions, and the Omega Blend is no exception. The omegas 6 and 9 come naturally from many of the plant-based oils in our Omega Blend, especially the raspberry and tomato seed oils. The omegas 5 and 7 are extracted from the pomegranate seeds and sea buckthorn berries. Since we aren’t changing the ratios of the omegas as they are found in fruits and algae, we are taking advantage of nature’s balance to ensure optimum benefits.


Q: How are the Oils in the Omega Blend Processed?
A: As with all Juice Plus+ products, we do our best to ensure minimal processing. For the Omega Blend, we start by cold-pressing the seed oils from pomegranate, raspberry, tomato and safflower. This process is similar to the way high-quality olive oil is made, and allows us to extract the oils without using harsh chemicals. The algal oil and sea buckthorn berry oils are processed differently because they aren’t seeds (so they can’t be pressed the same way), but those processes too are at low temperature to ensure that the nutrients remain and no contaminants are added.


Omega-3: salmon (particularly wild salmon), tuna, mackerel, cod, walnuts, flaxseed and other seeds, seaweed
Omega-5: pomegranate seed oil, full-fat grass-fed dairy products, coconut oil, salmon
Omega-6: almonds, eggs, poultry, whole grains, seeds
Omega-7: macadamia nuts, grass-fed meat and dairy, avocado, sea buckthorn oil, salmon
Omega-9: olive oil, macadamia nuts, seeds, salmon

Omega 3, 5, 6, 7, 9:  Juice Plus+ Omega Blend! Easy Peasy!!!


Thank you to Dr. Sachs for this invaluable information


  Ready to give your heart, brain and vision some LOVING!!!! Tired of brain fog, achy joints and dull hair, skin and nails?? Check this out 


  Want more on Omega's, check out the video below by biochemist Dr. Mitra Ray!!

Omegas, a Fishy Topic with Mitra Ray, PhD from Healthy Living Revolution on Vimeo.

 Thank you for taking the time to learn about how omegas positively affect your health. 

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In my teens and 20’s I wanted the quick fixes, the magic pills, the fairy dust – whatever I could get my hands on to make me a lean, happy and sexy machine. Yup, found out it doesn’t exist. I wanted to cry!! I was so frustrated. I felt like I was going around and around until I was completely exhausted and back at the starting point. And when I talk with other women they feel that way too. So, I delved further into holistic health – the emotional, mental and physical – wrote a book, and have been in this field for many years helping 1000’s of women.

I discovered that by being smarter, not working harder, I could get the results I wanted and also for my clients. It started with some really small shifts that I will share with you over time. With this new knowledge, I felt ALIVE, VIBRANT and COMFORTABLE in my own skin. And my clients felt this way too!

My mission is to continue to help women step into the body they WANT. To feel confident & sexy, in control of their food choices and have their clothes fit just as they should while having the energy to live a VIBRANT life.


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