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❤️ Love Your Heart Roller Class

aging breasts fascia healthy habits move your body nutrition posture roller Jan 12, 2022

This post is a love letter to your heart muscle! And the roller video above is a relaxing heart/chest opening must do class.


And your heart totally deserves it! Did you know this hard-working muscle can beat around 3 billion times over your lifetime?


Pretty amazing, right? Your heart deserves as much support as you can give it to keep it strong and supple!


Here are some eye-opening stats showing why that’s so important: Approximately every 40 seconds, someone in North America has a heart attack. And every 37 seconds in North America, someone dies from cardiovascular disease.


It’s also the top killer in Australia and many parts of Europe.


Pretty scary! But the good news is there are some very simple things you can do starting TODAY to take care of your heart.


For a healthy heart …


→ Eat more plants. Start by eating an extra veggie or fruit every day!


→ Add cold-water fish (like salmon) to your diet, because they are rich in heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids.


→ Workout: both cardio and strength training exercise can help keep your heart strong.


→ Snack on raw nuts instead of sugary, processed foods (i.e., chips and cookies).


→ Avoid high-calorie (and sugary!) drinks like flavored lattes and soda. Drink water instead.


→ Practice deep breathing or meditation. These can help lower your blood pressure.


→ Every day, take a few minutes to say thanks. Having a gratitude practice is linked with better heart health.


What can you do TODAY to show your heart some love?


I know one thing…if you are stressed and achy, get your roller and roll out. This will allow your heart to relax and get some blood circulating around your body!!  Join the Roller Program, click here to be guided on your roller to reduce aches and pains and give your heart some loving.


Want guidance so that you know EXACTLY what to do???


Join the Foam Roller Program...

transform your body

away from aches and pains to one of

energy and vitality!!

(Plus sleep better & decrease your cravings and stress eating)



❤️ Decrease aches and pains

❤️ Bring your body back into proper alignment

❤️ Connect with your breath

❤️ Improve Sleep

❤️ Slim your thighs and reduce appearance of cellulite

❤️ Establish a routine to decrease the stress in your body, reduce and help prevent aches and pains, improve your posture and so much more.

❤️ You will feel confident about how to use your roller and know exactly how to release years of built-up pain and stress from your body, you will also breath better and feel more peaceful.




❤️ Immediate access to how-to videos from head to toe

❤️ 2 new foam rolling videos every month which include......

💙 Melt Your Muffin Top

💙 Sleep Better

💙 Improve your Posture

💙 Slim Your Thighs

💙 Decrease Aches & Pains

💙 Connect with your Breath

💙 Decrease Stress

💙 Decrease Cravings

💙 Improve your Immune System 

💙 Activate your Vagus Nerve 

💙 Release Pain in your Sciatic 

💙 Release your Tech Neck 

💙 Eye Lift with Roller 

💙 Improve your Lymphatic Flow 

💙 Metabolism Booster Roller Flow 

💙 and seriously so much more....that's the power of rolling

❤️Emails to keep you motivated, accountable and on track

❤️Move Eat Live Better Facebook Group for Support and Motivation



I’m a wife and mum, personal trainer, fitness/pilates instructor, Behaviour Change Specialist, Nutrition Coach, Pain-Free Movement Specialist, author of Cookie Dough in the Dark, ROLLING GURU, creator of The Rolling Program (yes, I need a more creative name!!)  among many other things!!  


For 30 years I have been transforming women's lives, including my own.


I had an eating problem for decades and I can go deep on that (but not here), but when it comes to the roller it has helped my nervous system and decrease my cravings - 2 BIG THINGS...they did not happen overnight, but it did happen.  Rolling is not a quick fix (although you can feel immediate release just after rolling), the consistency of rolling has MAJOR effects on you.


Join  The Rolling Program or contact me at [email protected].



Healthy Hugs,


I look forward to seeing you inside the 5 day stronger to the core challenge

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