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Drop Pesky Weight & Have Better Skin After 35

breasts collagen hair skin skincare teeth Jun 29, 2023

After 35 our bodies (and hormones) are changing and what used to fly, doesn't so much anymore.  One area that is super easy to change are you skin care, hair care and teeth care products.  If you want to get your hormones back into a balanced state and keep yourself from gaining weight, it's an easy shift to make!!


I changed my beauty products about 10 years ago and I've written some blogs about why and what I use.

Here are the blog links and products before I jump into why you may want to up your skin, hair, teeth products.

Best Hair Ever

Love Your Breasts

Love Your Gums and Teeth

Best Skin Ever


Living Libations

Skin Essence - enter tanya to receive 15% off your first order

Juice Plus+





Obesogens, those pesky troublemakers in the world of weight gain! Let's unravel the mystery of obesogens in a simple and funny way:

Imagine obesogens as little gremlins that love to wreak havoc on your waistline. They're like mischievous creatures that have a knack for turning your favorite jeans into skinny jeans overnight!

These sneaky obesogens are chemicals found in various everyday items, like certain plastics, pesticides, and even some beauty products. They have the power to interfere with your body's natural weight control system.

Obesogens can be like cunning shape-shifters, disguised as innocent everyday objects. They lurk in your food containers, pretending to be harmless, but secretly plotting to sabotage your weight goals. It's like having a gang of mini gremlins hiding in your pantry, snickering at your attempts to stay fit.

When obesogens enter your body, they can disrupt your metabolism, mess with your hormones, and even encourage fat storage. It's like having little gremlins tinkering with your body's finely tuned machinery, causing chaos and making it harder for you to shed those extra pounds.

But fear not, my friend! You can fight back against these tricky obesogens. Opt for glass or stainless-steel containers instead of plastic, choose organic produce when possible to reduce pesticide exposure, and be mindful of the ingredients in your personal care products. It's like sending those gremlins on a permanent vacation!

By minimizing your exposure to obesogens, you can outsmart those little troublemakers and keep your weight goals on track. It's like becoming the hero in your own weight loss adventure, armed with knowledge and a determined spirit.

Remember, you have the power to banish those obesogens and reclaim control over your waistline. So, keep a watchful eye, avoid their sneaky tricks, and let your weight loss journey be filled with laughter and success!



OBESOGENS hiding in Skin Care

Ah, the elusive hiding spots of obesogens in our skin care products! Let me shed some light on a few specific examples, in a simple and funny way:

1. "The Paraben Pirates": Obesogens can sometimes disguise themselves as parabens in your skin care products. Parabens are commonly used as preservatives, lurking in lotions, creams, and even some shampoos. It's like having sneaky pirate obesogens, sailing the high seas of skincare, trying to sabotage your healthy skin goals.

2. "Phthalate Phantoms": Phthalates are another group of obesogens that like to play hide-and-seek in your beauty products. They're often found in fragrances, nail polishes, and even hair sprays. These phthalate phantoms can be like invisible spies, infiltrating your beauty routine and causing mischief in your body's weight management system.

3. "The Sodium Lauryl Saboteurs": Beware of the sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and its cousin, sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), as they can be secret obesogens in disguise. These foaming agents are commonly found in cleansers, shampoos, and body washes. It's like having sly saboteurs in your bathroom, creating bubbles of chaos in your weight management journey.

4. "The Artificial Fragrance Fiends": Artificial fragrances can be a hiding place for obesogens too. They can be found in various beauty and personal care products, from perfumes to moisturizers. These fragrance fiends can be like little scent-wielding tricksters, adding a touch of charm to your products but potentially disrupting your body's weight control system.

Remember, not all products contain obesogens, and it's about making informed choices. Check the ingredient labels, opt for products with natural and organic ingredients, and consider fragrance-free alternatives to minimize your exposure to these sneaky obesogens.  Check out to see what you find in your products!!

By being a savvy detective and avoiding these hiding spots, you can keep those obesogens at bay and enjoy a skincare routine that supports your health and weight management goals. It's like embarking on a beauty adventure, armed with knowledge and the determination to find products that make you feel fabulous inside and out!


What mischief obesogens cause to women's hormones after 35....


Picture obesogens as hormone-hijackers, trying to disrupt the delicate hormonal dance in a woman's body. When it comes to women over 35, obesogens can throw a wild party in the hormonal playground, causing some unexpected twists and turns:


1. "Estrogen Escapades": Obesogens can interfere with estrogen, a key hormone in a woman's body. They can mimic estrogen or disrupt its normal function, leading to hormonal imbalances. It's like having obesogen impostors sneaking into the estrogen dance floor, confusing the other hormones and creating a chaotic hormone party!

2. "Progesterone Pranks": Obesogens may also meddle with progesterone, another important hormone in women. They can affect progesterone production and disrupt its balance with estrogen. It's as if the obesogens are playing a prank, throwing progesterone off its rhythm and leaving it struggling to maintain harmony with other hormones.

3. "Thyroid Troublemakers": Some obesogens can even interfere with thyroid hormones, which regulate metabolism. They can disrupt the normal functioning of the thyroid, potentially affecting weight management. It's like having mischievous obesogens sneaking into the thyroid control room, messing with the metabolic switches and causing some weight-related confusion.

4. "Cortisol Comedy": Obesogens can also impact cortisol, the stress hormone. Chronic exposure to obesogens can disrupt the body's stress response and lead to imbalances in cortisol levels. It's like the obesogens staging a comedy act, making cortisol levels fluctuate and leaving the body in a constant state of stress-induced confusion.

By adopting a healthy lifestyle, managing stress, and minimizing exposure to obesogens through conscious choices, you can support your hormonal balance and overall well-being.

Remember, your body is resilient, and with a little laughter and self-care, you can navigate the hormonal rollercoaster with grace. So, let's show those obesogens who's boss and keep your hormones grooving to the right rhythm!



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